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Rosetta Stone Announces Winners of Second Annual “Go the Extra Mile” Awards for Enterprise Language Training Customers

Aspen Technology, Inc., Mondelez International, Inc. and PRA Health Sciences recognized for outstanding employee language training programs

ARLINGTON, Va., March 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rosetta Stone Inc., a division of Cambium Learning Group, Inc., today announced the winners of the second annual Go the Extra Mile (GEM) Awards. The GEM Awards are presented to companies that have achieved the most success with their Rosetta Stone language training program for employees in three key areas: best first year program, most collaborative/engaged partner, and best proven results.

The winners include:

Best First Year Program (Spotlight Award) -- Aspen Technology, Inc. achieved adoption of 100% of its Rosetta Stone licenses on day one of the program launch, with 97 percent of learners logging time in the program in the first six weeks. Learners average five hours of language training per month and there is a wait list of 100 people for the Rosetta Stone program.

Most Collaborative/Engaged Partner (Stellar Partnership Award) -- Mondelez International, Inc. has partnered with Rosetta Stone for its language training program since 2014, strategically aligning the program with their business objectives and expanding the program through the years. Mondelez’ language training program reaches over 80000 employees worldwide. In the last 6 months of 2020, the company achieved an 85 percent reduction of admin activities vs. the previous 6 months and at a third of the cost per learner.

Best Proven Results (Milestone Award) -- PRA Health Sciences has been a Rosetta Stone partner since 2014 and has achieved exceptional productivity ROI of 50 percent from its language training program. One hundred percent of learners share that by having access to English language learning they know PRA has taken an interest in their development. Since studying with Rosetta Stone, 90 percent of learners share that they are more engaged in their work. Managers report that learners are more confident employees and it is showing in their day-to-day operations, especially in their productivity.

“Our learners are incredibly happy with Rosetta Stone. We continue to work to provide language learning for the learners interested in advancing their careers. In addition, the learners share that they appreciate having access to the live tutoring and the lessons are reflective of the skills that they need to learn,” said Jason Packwood, Vice President, Process and Learning Management at PRA Health Sciences.

“Language training is proven to be highly beneficial in the workplace, improving employee productivity, interpersonal communication, collaboration and customer service success. Aspen Technology, Mondelez International and PRA Health Sciences are outstanding examples of companies that leveraged language training to improve their business results, and we are proud to recognize them as our most accomplished language learning customers of 2020,” said Cody Lamens, Rosetta Stone Vice President, Global Enterprise Sales.

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